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White Space in Your Design 

White can be a soothing and relaxing color to see. For some people white is simply a refreshing color while for others it is a dull, common color. If you have been in the web business for quite a while you would often hear the word white space. What does this term mean?

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A Guide to Bathroom Remodeling

There is a reason why many Hollywood actors keep their awards in their bathrooms -- all their guests will visit that room at some point, so why not put the trophies were everyone will see them? But even if you haven't won any Academy Awards, your guests will be still checking out you bathroom. A well-done bathroom remodeling can impress your guests and boost the value of your home.

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Home Remodeling Tips 

Maximizing the function and style of your home, could be very challenging. Before you buy, you should know the pros and cons of home remolding. There are several directions you can take when planning to remodel your home.

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Quilting as an Income Source

Quilting is a very exciting craft that has an immensely rich history and is currently such a popular art that they are many different things that you can do to earn money from quilting. The world of quilting has always been popular and even more so today with rich patterns, quilting lessons online and more! The first step to making the money with quilting is to join a Quilting Bee or Quilting Guild and become involved in the quilting community. Quilting Patterns Quilting patterns are the rage today. Never before have so many different patterns been available to quilters. Instead of the traditional quilts for beds and wall hangings, quilters are finding all kinds of uses for quilting. Project sizes range from small table coverings to huge quilts for beds or wall hangings and from pieced quilts to copies of portraits.

Now, you can take advantage of your quilting skills and create beautiful new patterns. You can use a color wheel to suggest fabrics and color combinations. Patterns should be detailed and well written so that quilters can easily use them. You can even utilize the fabric calculator to let buyers know just how much fabric they will need for the patterns you design. Places to market quilting patterns include: online auctions, Ecommerce sites, local fabric stores, quilt shows and flea markets.

Instruct Quilting Classes There is a large demand for quilting classes since the popularity of quilting is increasing so much. There can be a great deal of money to be made by offering quilting classes in your community. The first step would be to watch some quilting classes online such as with Lucy at the Quilting Resource Center.

You will be able to see how to instruct a class to give your students helpful information but at the same time be entertaining. Viewing quilting classes will give you an idea of what types of topics to teach in your community. You can contact your local library, community centers and quilting guilds to offer your teaching services.

Quilting classes are a great way to make friends in the community while sharing the skills for this wonderful craft. Quilting for Others There is a huge market in the metropolitan areas for good longarmers who have the machine and are willing to quilt for others to earn income. If you're able to do this, check with your local quilt shops and ask how much they pay for longarm quilters. Most shops complete the quilt tops and send them out to be quilted.

Quilting Product Reviews There are many product review sites on the Internet. These sites ask that you review a product, rate it and tell how much you paid for the item. Quilting products such as threads, fabric brands, sewing machines, needles, footers and more can be reviewed.

Once you write a review, you submit it to the product review sites to earn additional money. Quilting Photography Quilting photography is also on the rise. People love looking at photos of quilts. Additionally, quilt photos are a terrific way to pass down family heritage and create quilt portfolios for quilts that have been sold. If you have talent for photography and framing, there are many people that would pay for you to create a quilting portfolio for them.

You should inquire with the Quilting Bees in your community. Summing It Up There are many ways for making money with quilting. To succeed in making money for quilting it is important to learn all that you can about quilting from the Quilting Resource Center or other places on the Internet and at your local Quilting Bees or Guilds. Connecting with others will develop a strong community and professional network and help provide the income you're seeking through your quilting craft.

Jan Myers is the author of numerous articles and books on topics from organizational development and leadership to quilting. It was her avocation, the love of quilting, that inspired the popular online membership site for quilters known as the "world's largest quilting bee" at http://www.QuiltingResourceCenter.com .

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